A unique trading model To seize profits and limit losses

Emptrade ensures each of your transactions is locked in you preset range. It is a new model of trade allows you to trade with peace of mind.

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Account registration

Easy and quick, Instant engagement

You just fill in basic personal information by simply completing a 2-step registration. Earning the welcome Emptrade Points, your investment journey starts right away.

Attention: Emptrade only serves as a Trading Platform, while the relevant rewards programme and trading account are provided by third-party institutions.

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Simple trading procedure

Even novices can get hold and trade at ease

You need only 3 simple steps to place a trade order at Emptrade APP. In addition, the specific setting of limited loss and profit range frees you from close market price monitoring.

  • Three simple steps to start a trade with fun.
  • Select Direction Long(bullish)/Short(bearish).Buy up in Bull Market and buy down in Bear Market.

  • Input Investment Amount.Depends on the trading products provided by products / services provider.

  • Select stop loss and target price ranges.Set the range of acceptable losses and a target of expected profit to control risks.

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Profits will be automatically credited into your trading account

Status of trading profit / loss is concisely shown at a glance

After placing an order and completing a transaction, you can clearly view the details of each "ongoing" or "settled" transaction at the menu bar of "Trading Record" . Status of trading profit / loss is concisely shown at a glance.

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Keep abreast of changinginformation and market prices

Emptrade offers latest market news and intelligence which include real time product price quotes, trends, trading strategies, and other specialized topics. You can use these valuable resources to make your own calls.

Before trading with products and/or services provider on the Emptrade platform, you should carefully read and consider any agreement conducted by such institutions and strictly abide by the applicable terms and agreements concluded by and between the relevant institutions and you, as well as the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall bear no liability for any agreement that you made with the trading products and/or services provider. Please refer to the "Emptrade User Agreement" for details.

All products and services, market information and free trading points on the Emptrade Trading Platform are provided by third-party institutions and are bound by the relevant terms of such third-party institutions. You should understand all the terms and conditions conducted by such third-party institutions, as well as all applicable laws and regulations before applying an account.

Investment involves risks as the price may go up or down, or even becomes valueless. Before investing, you should first read the product sales documents, the financial reports and relevant risk disclosure statements. Moreover, investors are suggested to carefully consider your own financial status, other circumstances and needs, to deeply decide whether the investment fulfill your particular investment needs. If necessary, you should seek independent legal, tax, finance and other professional opinions before making any investment decisions.