We are seeking new partners to join us in exploring the next investment opportunity!

Seize the opportunity of the moment and open up your era of wealth creation! Meeting the new wave of wealth creation! Success is no longer just a dream!

It is our vision to promote Emptrade, our innovative investment model, into a successful Asian and even global brand. By becoming our partners/agents, you are entitled to a full range of support services and a number of partner/agent support programs, making it easy for win-win cooperation and wealth sharing.

Now we are looking for like-minded agents to ride the boom of wealth creation!

Why choose us?

Strong Capabilities

As a listed group, we have a solid financial foundation and a strong capital base to support your development.

Significant Brand Position

We have diversified group of businesses operating globally. By building a synergy of these businesses, we are seeking to maximize our superior resources.

Quick Commission Payment

Diversified commission models; Prompt commission payment that facilitates capital turnover.

Reward Points

A rich set of investment points rewards available on multiple channels. Points can be invested to help you maintain customers.

Training Support

In-depth training and sales support from dedicated customer service managers to help you quickly develop the market.

Specialized Services

Exclusive back-office account; life-long tailor-made star services and excellent products, which are highly recognized by the industry.

Innovative Patent

The innovative investment model is patented in Hong Kong and is exclusively owned by us, allowing our partnership project to be highly competitive.

Industry Qualifications

Multi-rewards and regulated by international licenses ensure your investment is safe and reliable with us.

8 Advantages of Emptrade


An innovative patent
investment model that limits risks.


Only 3 steps to invest,
making it easy to use.


Unique stop losing / profiting model, removing your need to constantly keep an eye on market changes.


Profound point system to increase customer incentive.


Low minimum deposit from US$10.


No leverage, no excess loss.


Safe and secure funds.


Investment tips on offer.

How to become an Emptrade agent?

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