About Emptrade

A Patented Financial Trading APP exclusively operated by Emperor Financial Services Group

Emptrade possesses a patented innovative financial trading model (Hong Kong Patent No. HK1207794), which departs from the conventional trading model. The platform would like to embody the investment attitude of "act according to your means", to create a highly efficient and state-of-the-art trading system, to lead to a new era of precious metal trading.

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About Emperor Financial Services Group

Your Trusted Online Broker

Emperor Financial Services Group (EFSG) is a member of Emperor Group specializes in providing precious metals and forex trading services to customers in Hong Kong. Over the past forty decades, EFSG has established a strong presence in Hong Kong and built a trustworthy reputation with its solid foundation, extensive network and professional service teams. EFSG offers diversified trading platforms that include 24-hour online and smartphone trading platforms. EFSG highly values the security of its online system and monitors it closely to ensure an efficient and reliable trading platform.

EFSG holds a number of international recognized licenses including Emperor International Exchange (HK) Co. Ltd., is a recognized financial institution for leveraged foreign exchange trading with trading license no. ACJ 776, it provides leveraged foreign exchange trading service. Emperor Bullion Limited ("EBL") which provides comprehensive precious metals investment services; and Emperor Gold & Silver Company Limited ("EGSC"), a recognized electronic transaction member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society ("CGSE") (CGSE No. 102), is holding a type AA license, while Emperor International Bullion Limited, is a gold group member of CGSE (Member No. 240).

Ying Ye Technology & Consultancy (Guang Zhou) Company Limited is a strategic partner of Emperor Financial International Limited, and the formation of the partnership has deepened the ties between mainland China and Hong Kong. Underpinned by our strategy to expand the mainland China market, we develop specialized financial technology products as part of our long-term commitment to providing our customers with quality services.

Historic and consolidate group with a strong capital base

Internationally renowned and awarded brand

Licensed and supervised by official institution to secure the invested capital

A professional analysis team with 40 years’investment experience in both local and overseas market

A large customer service team to provide professional informative services in real time

24-hour online platform that supports deposit and withdrawal operations

Stable and reliable trading system that ensures the security of your trading and account

Provide a range of customized,exclusive and superior services